3 Ways to Best Accessorize your Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is the time to go crazy with glitz and glam and to dance the night away! As many of the homecoming dresses out there have high amounts of embellishment, pairing these with the right accessories can get challenging.

Take a look at the fabulous homecoming dresses we’ve selected and some of our favorite ways to accessorize them!

Accessorize your prom dress - metallics and neon

Mix metallics and bold colors.

Bold color homecoming dresses can be paired with silver, gold or graphite style accessories for a sleek look. By doing this you will take some attention from your dress and point it to your accessories, so statement pieces work the best. As the dress has a dark metallic belt, go for less jewelry, but special pieces. The neon shoes are the clash element of the outfit: they are fun yet daring and they definitely show you are not wearing a boring outfit.

Accessorize your prom dress - timeless glamour

Timeless accessories

A pair of black or nude pumps should always be your first choice when it comes to accessorizing a homecoming, or cocktail look. They are timeless and sexy especially when matched with the silver A-line mini dress. A red lip and eye-liner will add extra glamour. As for your hairstyle, we think a sexy chignon will do. Accessorize your prom dress - matching tone accessories

Matching game

The one-tone look has become more and more popular in the last seasons and we can easily spot the outfits that follow this idea. Far from being a “matchy-matchy” affair, the true-to-tone style is focused around one color tone (usually the one of your dress) , having all the other accessories follow. Here the dress is a light yellow, so gold and white-pearl accessories give a very classy air to the entire outfit, or let us say ensemble.


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