Alexa Chung is Stunning Bold

This Bold Mini is poised to become a really cool trend. It’s powerful, but still adorably chic. I actually found this photo of Alexa Chung wearing this fresh cool outfit a few months ago and I kept thinking of something for showing it to you. This season we’ve got these amazingly bold colors that go perfectly with graphic tees. You can try to match a full Bright Blue Mini Skirt ( Miss Selfridge ) with a chic urban style Motorcycle Burnout Tee (Delia’s) and a smart blazer. Even if you are headed for work or drinks this outfit will prove to be a really chic and modern option.

Alexa Chung matches some retro casual shoes with a brown leather bag (Topshop), but you dress up this outfit if you want with a Clover Chain Necklace (Forever 21) and some sexy shoes (Daanger – Steve Madden) .

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