Ashley Tisdale Working Out-fit!

Getting into shape is essential after the holidays because we tend to go overboard with all the goodies. I personally don’t do a lot of sport but sometimes I know how important it is to make you feel better about yourself and others. As Elle Woods says in “Legally Blonde” : happy people don’t just kill people :)).

We always see celebrities like Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner or Cameron Diaz jogging or working out and that makes us feel frustrated and think “How do they have time for this?”. Well we should make time too, because our life depends on it.

I like Ashley Tisdale’sexercise outfit because it brings out the fun in sports and it also looks cool and comfortable. Try focusing on cotton or other special materials because they really make the difference.

1. Signature sweats Victoria’s Secret Pink, $24.99

2. Bling makes peace blingy tee, Victoria’s Secret Pink, $19.99

3. Poly Zipper Satchel, Forever21, $11.99

4. Roxy Trainers,, £46.00

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