Blake Lively’s Tuxedo in Vogue

I was very impressed to see how they changed Gossip Girl gorgeous Blake Lively in this month’s cover of Vogue. Many people were not happy about this but I think we should give Blake some credit.

She looks so … powerful!! I think that men-destined outfits tend to make you feel like that. The tuxedo is one of Blake’s favourite pieces, it gives the preppy look a new thing and it follows the line of her body. McQ’s tuxedo style jumpsuit from N-A-P brings out the vintage glam look in a tuxedo outfit. It’s sexy, but still very poweful. The Open Front Blazer from F21 looks exacly like an Upper East Side must have.

I think that these are 2 trends to last in S/S 2009

Do you like tuxedos?

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