Diamonds – A must-have trend or something classic?

With the recent popularity of “all things diamonds” and the idea of the affordable luxury, it seems to be easier than ever to own the dream. Rihanna’s “shine bright like a diamond” chorus still plays in our minds every time we pass near a jewelry store and not to mention all of the products that are lately branded with the diamond logo.


Diamonds design logo clothing


The fascination

The Old Hollywood glamour feeds the diamond-addiction and a simple Pinterest query will make you understand that the mindset goes even further from quotes with Marilyn Monroe – that state “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, towards tattoos or creative diamond-themed parties.


Diamond are forever Marilyn Monroe

Diamond Tattoos


Just a marketing bubble?

Yet the idea behind the fact that every engagement requires a diamond ring has been disputed by tons of articles (the latest I’ve read). Most of these opinions stand against trading love for diamonds as a social status quo and support the idea that the diamond ring is a pure marketing invention. They may be just opinions, but facts speak for themselves. About 80% of women which are yearly proposed receive a diamond engagement ring and the majority of the diamond purchasers are of course men. We do live in a fairy-tale!


Diamond theme engagement party


So what if they are marketing-enabled? So many other things are! Regardless of the different opinions, diamonds remain a fabulous and classic way of proposing. You just need to know what you spend your money on!

Do some research!

I’ve been surprised by the variety of diamonds out there and I believe one should research before buying diamond jewelry. Size is not everything so a good tip would be to keep in mind the professional tips when it comes to classifying and pricing diamonds. You can click here to see how the 4 Cs: carats, color, cut, and clarity matter when purchasing diamonds! Any good diamonds website will offer a lot of diversity when choosing diamonds and you can rest assured you are getting the best engagement ring out there!



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