Disney and Mickey Mouse Trend

I’m sure you all noticed the mouse ears headbands and cartoon prints until this season but the summer 2009 will be the peak for this trend. I really like it, it’s easy to wear actually! It makes me feel younger and sillier :) Lady GaGA gets the look by wearing a really cool hair bow style but you shouldn’t try too much, just get and oversived bow headband instead.

You can wear Mickey Mouse Tees for a casual attire and match it with flats or even high heels if you are going out for drinks with some friends. I’ve spotted a picture of Rihanna (see the picture here) and she was wearing a skinny grey Mickey Mouse T- shirt with skinny dark jeans and heels and she looked really cool.

How to get the look :

  • big Disney character pattern on a tee or a hoodie (anything works! Just spotted Agyness Dean with a Bambi Tee :)) Other cartoon figures also do the work : bunny, mice, squirrels )
  • bow headbands
  • dots
  • pussy bow tops and oversized bows on dresses and tops like the Aristocats characters
  • bangs
  • colored sunglasses

1.Plaid Bow headband 2.Mickey and Minnie Mouse T-Shirt 3.Oversized polka dot Sunglasses 4.Long Tall Sally Pussy Bow Jersey Top 5.Bow Front One Shoulder Jersey Top 6.Shibuya Mon Amour, Bunny Tank.

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