Dress like a trend setter

You’ve seen them….I know you have. They pop out when you least expect them to bringing a mouthful of fresh air and attracting all eyes. Sometimes they scare you, they shock and they mesmerize but other times, you wish you were like them : SHINING TRENDS.

It’s a mystery where do trendsetters get their inspiration, but they seem to be on top of styles everytime. It is said they don’t follow trends, they make trends and they lead. Maybe…or maybe they cheat :).

Here a few ideas to pick up some trend setter vibes.

dress like a trend setter


1. Don’t become a copy-cat, try to show your own personal style. Wear things in a different way and create outfits that balance your own personality and the season’s trends.

2. Get inspired from the fashion shows. You can know trends in advance and so you can focus on items that are fashion forward and that could be an investment for a couple of next seasons.

3. Visit vintage stores and choose items that fit the trends and your style, try on the craziest clothes because you never know what can be just perfect.

4. Create cheap-expensive outfits with a few glam accessories and some basic clothing. For example you can create a look with a simple T-shirt from H&M matched with some Louboutins.

5. Look for jewelry and accessories with unusual detailing. These items make a statement about you and show that you don’t follow the rules. Create a set for each color or attitude (playful, serious, in love)

6. Don’t wear the same outfit. Recreate the look with other pieces and accessories. Try to follow your mood and you’ll be inspired every time.

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