Falling into Fall

Rain and cold have messed up our dreams and our hopes for a long summer… Autumn is here and is bringing a lot of changes and lots of fabulous clothes to try. We can start putting away our gladiators and white bags and save them for the next summer season. Today we take a peek at what we could wear from now on. I know cold seasons bring a whole new perspective on clothes and accessories but even if they aren’t so happy or so exciting we should try to understand that changes aren’t always bad.

I like that the leather jacket is back in glory and that ankle-boots keep us slim and sexy. Trench coats are popular too but they become more friendly compared to the cinched-waist, buttoned-up coats of previous seasons. Coats are highlighed by crisscross patterns or intense colors. Oversized knits will remind you of your country-life chilhood and will keep you warm and cozy. These are just a few of the new trends, but I’ll let you discover on your own ….

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