What to wear to work this fall

As we spend most of our days at work ( maybe most of our lifes ) we should try to feel good and comfortable with what we are wearing, but, at the same time combine chic with serious. Forget the neon shades from this summer and try to get in the mood for some more mature and serious outfits. The way we dress at work depends on what kind of job we have, if we are behind a desk or dealing with customers, or maybe we have a more creative job. Try to be yourself, blend in 70% and for the remaining 30 % show your personality. Forget about the moment when you have to worry about what you can wear.

tipYou should organize your closet on certain outfits and so it will be much easier to find everything you need.

Office outfit

1. Sleeve Knit Top from Republic 2. Bubble bow skirt from NAP 3. Luella Deputy Blazer from La Garconne 4. Paris Hilton Women’s Destiny Shoe – Shoes.com .5. Prada Leather Tote from Bag Borrow or Steal 6. Purple Stones bracelet – Asos. 7. Leather Agenda – Coach.com

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