Privileged Tv Series – Megan’s outfits

JoAnna Garcia plays the lovely Megan Smith in Privileged Tv series. Stylistically speaking she is not very complex but she has that sort of casual chic style that can bring up her personality. What I really noticed about her outfits was that the main focus is set on jeans and cardigans. I’ve watched carefully and I think she has cardigans in every colour!!

The jeans are usually dark and skinny but you can adapt them to your personal style. If you hate skinnies or you’re tired of them your can always go for flared ones. These are from

The cardigan can be embellished or simple and usually Megan wears them unbuttoned. Pick a longer one if you like the ruffled cardigan trend. This one is actually soldout on Forever21 but I found a new sequined cardigan.

Ballet flats are summer’s hot list items. Bold colors are really cool this season so what are you waiting for and wear your navy or pink flats. These are H&M but there are lots of flats out there that can work just try to keep them one color.

The bag is more of a functional thing for Megan so try to add something that highlights your outfit. I loved Karen Millen’s Tropical Bag because it’s perfect for this season and has the perfect mix of fabrics.

Jewelry is not so important for Megan but I noticed that she has a very simple and soft feather necklace. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fing something similar but you can try anything vintage with a little charm pendant.

The skirtmust be high-waisted and you can choose from different trendy patterns of the season (florals, water collors) mixed with a tight tank. I’ve seen Megan with different color tanks (white, black, pink) and I can say that the simple top really gives her a comfy and sexy look.

The cardigan is a statement piece for the Privileged star so get comfy and romantic with this Shrug Knit.

The accessories complete the casual look so you can choose some leather strap detail flats that can be found at Boden or some beige sunglasses. I just loved the color of this leather tote and the fact that it kinda matches everything! You can wear a small bracelet or a watch, this one is from Gwen Stefani’s collection and it’s called The Sweet Escape.

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