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Gifts for your men

I cannot stop noticing that so many of the gifts out there sometimes do not raise up to the style of our men. Some are for teenagers, some for our grandparents, some are positioned so that women would react to them (the cute ones), but not necessarily right for the guy we love.

So what gift do you buy a style-aware and independent man?

Well, I think there should always be a balance between what YOU want to get for your lover and what HE actually wants and likes.

This type of balance can only be attained by having cohesion as a couple and having a good sense of observation.

What are his passions? What are the values and things he admires in other people or in his dad or grandfather?

How can you offer motivation or getting something useful for him to achieve these goals and at the same time putting in there something of you?

Books & Organizers are always a good option for the intellectual type. Or for the adventurous. Active souls and wanderers would need something useful as a bag or a chic bicycle. Shyer and domestic personalities need something hot to make them more confident, such as clothing or a new fragrance or one of the bold yet classic Hugo Boss Watches.

You can be bold and go for something that highlights his vision and brings out his creativity – like a camera. This can also inspire him to adopt a new passion such as photography.

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