Summer is not over…!

Surf style hair outfits - Blake Lively

Blake Lively - Alessandra Ambrosio - Cora Keegan

Even if the SUN is starting to lose its power on European lands, there are still sunny months to look forward to on the Eastern territory. I have started to see the Fall 2012 sings and trends everywhere now: darker shades, stricter lines, thicker fabrics and all the metallics which are so frequent during the cold season dominance.

But somewhere, not over the rainbow, but over the ocean, there is still time for swimwear and sexy beach hair! Summer gets wilder this time of year in Australia. Surfing season is around the corner and conventional styling does not stand any chance.

It’s time to try the extraordinary and to forget about the rules. This experience is made up by an entire ritual because the beach has it’s own way of influencing our style. Starting with the natural hair and make-up, the smell of our sun lotions or the beach wear, tight surf gear, cold water … they all fit in the perfect wild summer.

The key to achieving this type of wild summer look is not to focus at all on being polished. Check out surf wear lookbooks, such as O’Neill or cool hairstyles at ghd Australia. Try to focus on more sporty and casual wear and use the sun-rays to highlight fresh skin and sparkly hair. It’s not about the boho-styles anymore, it’s about freedom!

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