Valentine’s Day Style Resolutions !

With just a week to Valentine’s Day, we are slowly starting to think at what to wear. Choices are endless but they also have to be mismatched with your personality. Who cares if everyone wears red if you don’t like it and you look like a juicy tomato in it (I know i do:))) )?!?!

That’s why I’ve researched a solution.

I’m saying NO to stereotypes and I’m bringing in the Hot Stuff !

Yes! Because Valentine’s Day should be a day when you shouldn’t worry about everything just look hot. Even if you’re single or taken, you should have fun and enjoy every second of this day mostly because it’s about LOVE and it’s true meaning. And the other good part is that men don’t like loose stuff and baggy tops, men love sexy cinched waists with hot heels and sexy smiles.

This is what I’m wearing for Valentine’s Day.

This is my perfect excuse to try on the hottest sexiest pieces that I never wore before.

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