Valentine’s Day Tips

As I promised, I will show you how Season Trends influenced my choices for Valentine’s Day shopping :)

First for the ladies, 2 super hot shimmering night gowns. Victoria’s Secret offers probably the sexiest and more dazzling women’s lingerie in the whole world. They have so many collections, suitable for every taste. For Valentine’s Day, I think that satin, silk and hot embroidery are the most suitable. Victoria’s Secret is not just sexy, it’s actually “angel-ish”. 😛


VS Lingerie

Today our men also need to be in the spotlight! And, Yeah, in purple! I have chosen this style-of-the-month color as it can be worn also by men. Purple underwear is a bit different than, let’s say pink underwear, which I think it’s a bit too much! In the first picture this cutie is wearing hot underwear from Bruno Banani, Easy Man collection offers soft fabrics in luscious plum, just perfect for romance, I might add.

Bruno Banani

Our next blondie is dressed in DT Clothes. His boxers are cool and sexy and made of 100% cotton. The fabrics are essential when choosing underwear. Men usually prefer cotton because it’s flexible and very comfortable.

DT Jocks

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