Are weddings becoming more and more artistic? – Artsy Wedding Tips

Lately we cannot help noticing how weddings have become these artful and creative manifestations. Events which used to be described by family commitments and keeping a traditional feel, have become easier, more flexible, playful and alive.

Wrapped in a bohemian or romantic theme with exquisite photographs and decorations that belong to magical worlds, these parties are becoming the IT events of the season.

Organizing a fashionable / chic or artsy wedding can be rather stressful too, but we think that the burden is softer, as the effects need to be as natural as possible. You no longer need to try so hard to make everything slick and sharp, you can indulge in a dream wedding and making it happen so much easier.

How to get started on organizing an artistic wedding

1. Find your theme! Something you have always loved, something that defines the both of you! This can help you have a direction and a story, not just some symbols thrown here and there.

Unique wedding accessories


2. Simple ideas are the most powerful, never underestimate flowers, lighting and candles!

Wedding theme herbal

Artistic wedding ideas decorations


3. Look back to the gods: vintage-inspired decorations, hair braided with flowers, wedding veils or lace can help you revive antique stories and make them real


Vintage wedding inspiration


Floral hairstyles wedding

Vintage weddings


5. Find the best photographer(s) and remember what they say: If the photos are great, the event will be remembered 10 times more.

Wedding photography


6. Forget competition, dress your bridesmaids with equally lovely gowns or even prom dresses and let them live the moment with you!

Bridesmaids dresses inspiration

Bridesmaids dresses inspiration

7. Write it up! Use wedding quotes and lovely words to highlight decorations and moments. A wedding hashtag for twitter or instagram can also be a great idea for all your social media addict friends giving them a chance to share another perspective!

Wedding Quotes

Wedding hashtag

8. Reinvent that wedding dress! There are so many lovely options and quite cheap wedding dresses now, that would look equally gorgeous. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simple wedding dresses

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