What Belts To Buy This Season

Q: There are so many belt types out there and I also have lots of them at home. What is cool to wear this season and where can I find them?

Yes, I suppose this is a tough thing, shops are full of all sorts of belts and this sometimes makes things harder. Too many choices confuse us even if we are fashionistas :). I put together some looks with the most essential belt types and when you should wear them.

I. Skinny belts

Pair skinny belts with loose tops or dresses to get a more structured look. Versace used them in this season’s RTW collection accessorizing them with the same color apparel. You can even wear more than one belt but they should be similar to go together.

High-waisted skirts can also be worn with this type of belts and even some jean types. Don’t rely too much on the skinny belt, however, because it usually has an aesthetic look. When worn low the skinny belt gives you different looks you can sport. You can find outfit examples here : Skinny belt outfits.

II. Bows

Bows can easily highlight any outfit and especially a simple one. Wear the bow belt over a loose top or with a high-waisted skirt. You can wear the bow at your back to make it sexier . This way you’ll still have a balanced outfit. You can accessorize a headband and wear bow in your hair but a subtle one, it is really important not to over-bow the outfit.

III. Antique leather trend

The antique leather trend is really popular this season. Hermes dazzled us in his S/S RTW Collection on the runway with this western inspired colors and details. Brown leather belts can be wider and worn almost with everything. Despite the bow belts which are more suitable for an evening look, these belts are perfect for daytime casual outfits.

IV. Wide belts

Wide belts are perfect if you want to get the cinched waist look. You can wear them with over-sized cardigans , summer dresses and even simple tanks. Wider belts have the advantage of making you look slimmer and giving you a slightly narrower look to your waist.

V. Neon belts

Neon belts are perfect this summer if you want to highlight your outfit. You should match it with some hair accessories or the print on your tee/skirt. Wear bold colored belts with jeans and neon flats or with other coordinating accessories.

VI. Studded belts

Studded belts are so hot since Carrie wore one in Sex And The City and they really give a rock twist to your outfit. You can pair studds with a flowing dress and a leather jacket or with a studded bracelet or clutch. For more studded accessories check out : Accessory Trends 2008-2009

The Wowen or Braided Belt style is one of my favorites but now it’s becoming more and more popular with the global trend. They look really good with floral printed dresses and you can wear woven belts with a tunic or vintage lealther boots. Western inspired accessories also include the fringed bag and the triangle scarf, so get creative!

VII. Hot summer belts

Hot summer belts focus on sequins, jeans, zebra prints belts , heart/star shaped buckles or chain belts. Future summer outfits available soon!

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