What to wear on a first date

First date

Hey my little fashionistas!

As we all know dates are kind of stressful when it comes to dressing up and making a good first impression. You should remember that self-confidence is the most important thing no matter what you wear! Be yourself and feel good in the clothes that you choose. I’ve put together an outfit for a casual date, for going to see a movie, have a drink or go for a walk.

1. French Connection Floral Print Top 2. Jodie Kidd Cardigan both from Oli

3. Amber Pleated Shorts. They are the sexy part of this outfit. You will turn some heads and definitely your partner’s. :). You can replace them with some jeans or a simple skirt.

4. Gavivi Wedge Sandals available on F21. You have the heels but you can still walk!

5. Deux Lux Pintuck Hobo from UrbanOutfitters. The bag says you are feeling good about your personal style and aren’t afraid to make a statement. Remember that usually men don’t really know what’s shining on trend-lane so don’t be that eager to show him your feather clutches or neonic shoes, keep it simple!

6. Burberry Summer Fragrance 7. Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow from Sephora. The makeup and the fragrance that you are wearing can be extremely important for the way the evening goes. I’ve chosen this fragrance that I absolutely love and that is suitable for summer evenings. As for the makeup, you should highlight your eyes rather than your lips if we are talking about a casual date. However, if you are going at a fancy restaurant the lips should be highlighted (red or shinny lipgloss) and for the eyes the clasic mascara and black khol should do the trick.

You shouldn’t go for too many accessories, heavy makeup or a way too sexy outfit. They will shout “you’re trying too hard “. These can influence the way that you are seen and you will surely be unconfortable. Be ellegant and try not to have undity shoes or bad maniquire.

For extra tips, I’ve found a video that could help you see what I mean, and will give you leads for other types of first dates such as going to the beach or to a classy restaurant.

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