Why to be chic in the cold weather :)

Winter outfits should stand for these main principles : warm and comfortable. However, they also need some stylish elements….otherwise they can get very boring! Check out what are the best things you can choose to look good in the wintertime.
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My Swiss holiday last week got me thinking of the fact that temperature shouldn’t be the one to influence our style and our desire to look and feel good even if it’s cold or rainy outside. I know that sometimes you just want to be warm and comfortable, so you end up settling for the coziest clothes you have even if they are not the quite part of the ‘fashionista package’.

There are times when I’m such in a hurry or not in the mood to dress up and freeze in god knows what fancy attire, so I kinda play it safe. Nothing shiny, nothing edgy…but after that I just feel sorry because at the end of the day, fashion should be fun and should brighten your day. I know there are lots of smashing options that would work and that are actually quite simple to combine.

The Accessories

winter 2010 looks,winter style,cold weather outfits,winter 2010,winter 2011

Accessories are really the easiest thing you can work. You can use accessories to really make your outfit more glamorous and fun. Even if you wear basics like a loose sweater and jeans, warm flat boots and a dark jacket, you can pick some accessories that really stand out. For example a pair of cool gloves, a funky bracelet, a statement scarf or a colorful hat. Accessories can dress up or down your entire outfit and can really change it completely.

winter 2010 looks,winter style,cold weather outfits,winter 2010,winter 2011

Jewelry can also be a good way to make your outfit feel more alive and it’s the easiest thing. It is weather-proof as it almost gets covered by jackets and scarves. Try to get single pieces but focus on statement ones and don’t overdo it, Christmas trees are not always nice to look at :-)

Last but not least, the clothes!

Wonderful pieces are such a waste to keep indoors. Wear your favorite shirts even if they are silky but cuddle them under a warm coat or cardigans. Skirts can also be made part of an incredible attire as you can wear long boots or warm stockings to keep cold away. I am going to pick my

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